University of Heidelberg

50 cm telescope

Cassegrain telescope with a primary mirror of 50 cm. The focal length of the system is 695 cm (f:14). The instrument has been built in 1978 in the workshop of the LSW. It has been used for stellar photometry and polarimetry. The dome above the "Ostinstitut" was used until 1978 with a refractor donated by Kreßmann (12-inch, objective of Steinheil with 318 mm diameter and a focal length of 422 cm with a german mount. This instrument has been used for numerous micrometric measurements of double stars.

LSW 50cm 8inch 70cm Schmidt Bruce Zeiss BlueSky Ost Nothing

A photograph of the Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl. Click on the picture for more information. A clickable map of the all whole institute area is also available

Gerhard Klare, Gabriella Ramge, Otmar Stahl
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