University of Heidelberg

Bruce telescope

Photographic double refractor (astrometric camera). The diameter of the photographic objectives is 40 cm, the focal length 200 cm. The visual guiding telescope has 250 mm diameter and a focal length of 400 cm. The refractor has been used for photographing large areas of the sky (6 x 8 degrees), mainly for the study of minor planets, comets and nebulae, as well as for measurements of proper motions of stars. The refractor is a donation of Cathrine W. Bruce, and in operation since 1900.

With this telescope, a large number of astrographic plates has been exposed. A catalogue of these plates is on-line available. The plates are now being scanned.

LSW 50cm 8inch 70cm Schmidt Bruce Zeiss BlueSky Ost Nothing

A photograph of the Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl. Click on the picture for more information. A clickable map of the all whole institute area is also available

Gerhard Klare, Gabriella Ramge, Otmar Stahl
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