T Tauri Stars in Taurus-Auriga - Members of the Pleiades Supercluster?

Sabine Frink

poster presented at star2000: Dynamics of Star Clusters and the Milky Way
AG Frühjahrstagung, March 20-24, 2000, Heidelberg, Germany

Dynamics of Star Clusters and the Milky Way,
eds. S.Deiters, B.Fuchs, R.Spurzem & R.Wielen
ASP Conference Series 228, 431, 2001


Optical high resolution follow-up spectroscopy of X-ray sources in and around the Taurus-Auriga star forming region has revealed a number of new T Tauri stars as well as other young and active stars in the pre-main sequence or zero-age main sequence phase. The majority of them are kinematical members of the Taurus-Auriga association, but a few stars show much larger proper motions which suggest a link to the nearby Pleiades cluster. However, most of the stars seem to be considerably younger than the Pleiades, so that they cannot be escapers from that cluster. Based on the derivation of cluster parallaxes via the convergent point method we dicuss the possibility that they are instead members of the Pleiades supercluster, a large association of stars in the solar neighbourhood analyzed by Eggen (1992, 1995).
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