Compilation of Discoveries of Substellar Companions around Giant Stars

This is, to the best of my knowledge, a list of all credible planets orbiting giant stars. Typically, only refereed publications are considered.
Planets orbiting subgiant stars are not included.

The table is now sortable (click on the column headers) and downloadable in csv format!

142 substellar companions in 128 systems
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1iota Dra b754583.290.671K2 III0.111.050.360.368.7510.720.070.072452015.360.160.160.7130.0080.00892. et al. 2002; Kane et al. 2010Hamilton (Lick)Additional linear trend. Updated elements here
2Pollux b378261.16-0.936K0 IIIb0.071.862.90.30.3589.73.53.52452337.952700.060.040.04277886.2e-90.6e-90.6e-91.690.030.0346.91.51.5Reffert et al. 2006Hamilton (Lick)similar elements by Hatzes et al. 2006
3HD 11977 b89284.682.590G5 III-0.162.316.54621.62.42.42452906.610100.30.030.0335. et al. 2005;Soto et al. 2015FEROS; later HARPS and CHIRONupdated elements
4HD 47536 b316885.252.383K1 III-0.650.040.040.980. et al. 2003; Soto et al. 2015FEROS; Coralie; HARPS; CHIRONsecond planet most likely not real
5HD 13189 b100857.573.997K2 II4.52.52.51466471.66.06.02452327.920. et al. 2005Tautenburg; McDonald; HET
6epsilon Tau b208893.531.422K0 III0. et al. 2007HIDES (Okayama)
7HD 104985 b589525.783.274G9 III-0.352.38.3199.5050.0850.0852451927. et al. 2003; Sato et al. 2008aHIDES (Okayama)
8NGC2423 No.3 b9.450. & Mayor 2007Coralie; HARPS
9NGC4349 No.127 b10.88- & Mayor 2007Coralie; HARPS
104 UMa b425274.591.734K1 III-öllinger et al. 2007Tautenburg
11HD 17092 b7.744.807K0 III0. et al. 2007HET
1211 Com b602024.722.282G8 III-0.350. et al. 2008Xinglong; OAO
1318 Del b1035275.513.366G6 III-0.0520.0230.0232.310.3993.33.23.2245167218180.080.010.01166. et al. 2008aHIDES (Okayama)
14xi Aql b979384.712.171K0 III-0.2050.0390.0392.22.8136.750.250.252453001.71.41.4000.0399e-70.0031e-70.0031e-70.6865.41.71.7Sato et al. 2008aHIDES (Okayama)circular orbit fixed
15HD 81688 b464715.403.056K0 III-IV-0.3590.0200.0202.12.7184.020.180.182452335.41.11.1000.0385e-70.0019e-70.0019e-70.8158.580.970.97Sato et al. 2008aHIDES (Okayama)circular orbit fixed
1614 And b1160765.222.331K0 III- et al. 2008bHIDES (Okayama)circular orbit fixed
1781 Cet b122475.653.266G5 III- et al. 2008bHIDES (Okayama)
18HD 102272 b574288.696.259K0 III- et al. 2009aHET
19HD 102272 c574288.696.259K0 III- et al. 2009aHET
20HD 240210 b8.33K3 III- et al. 2009bHET
21BD +20 2457 b9.75K2 III- et al. 2009bHETdynamical stability unclear
22BD +20 2457 c9.75K2 III- et al. 2009bHETdynamical stability unclear
23HD 173416 b918526.057G8 III2. Liu et al. 2009CES (Xinglong); HIDES (Okayama)
2442 Dra b903444.833K1.5 III-0.460.050.050.980.050.053.880.850.85479.16.26.22452757.öllinger et al. 2009aTautenburgRV amplitude has changed considerably; see comment in Hrudková et al. 2017
25HD 139357 b763115.977K4 III-öllinger et al. 2009aTautenburg
2611 UMi b747935.0240.0050.005K4 III0.öllinger et al. 2009bTautenburg
27HD 32518 b240036.4360.0050.005K1 III-öllinger et al. 2009bTautenburg
28HD 110014 b617404.657K2 III0.142.0913.672.32.3936.444.544.52453842.0206.6206. Medeiros et al. 2009; Soto et al. 2015FEROS; HARPS; Coraliesecond planet signal could be real
29HD 119445 b668926.30G6 III0. et al. 2009BOES (BOAO) + HIDES (OAO)
30TYC 0434-04538-1 b10. et al. 2009HET, HARPS-N
31HD 206610 b1072518.350.010.015.9520.0260.026K0 III0.0140.030.031.560. et al. 2010Keck
32HD 145457 b792196.574.122K0 III- et al. 2010HDS (Subaru) + HIDES (OAO)
33HD 180314 b945766.614.312K0 III0. et al. 2010HDS (Subaru) + HIDES (OAO)
34gamma1 Leo b505832.01K0 - K4 III-0.510. Han et al. 2010BOES (Bohyunsan)
35HD 1690 b16929.176.018K1 III-0.320. et al. 2011HARPSlinear trend -7.2+/- 0.4 m/s
36HD 28678 b211098.545.7750.0230.023K0- et al. 2011Keck
37HD 5891 b47158.255.6210.0160.016G5- et al. 2011Keck
38HD 99706 b559947.815.3350.0160.016K00. et al. 2011Kecklinear trend -7.4 +/- 2.0 m/s/yr
39HD 99706 c559947.815.3350.0160.016K00. et al. 2016Keckno updated solution for HD 99706 b after second planet
40nu Oph b880483.321.2250.3060.306K0 III+ et al. 2011Hamilton (Lick)similar elements by Sato et al. 2012
41nu Oph c880483.321.2250.3060.306K0 III+ et al. 2011Hamilton (Lick)similar elements by Sato et al. 2012
42HD 175679 b929686.14G8 III- et al. 2012Xinglong; OAO
43HD 240237 b1148408.19K2 III- et al. 2012aHET
44BD +48 738 b9.14K0 III- et al. 2012aHET
45HD 96127 b542327.43K2 III- et al. 2012aHET
46BD +20 274 b9.366.169K5 III-0.460. et al. 2012bHET
47HD 219415 b8.946.421K0 III- et al. 2012bHET
48epsilon CrB b781594.141.349K2 III-0.0940.0010.0011. et al. 2012a BOES (BOAO)
49HD 66141 b393114.391.40.30.3K2 III-0.3230.0340.0341. et al. 2012bBOES (BOAO)
50Kepler-56 b10.2270.0180.018K III0. et al. 2013Kepler
51Kepler-56 c10.2270.0180.018K III0. et al. 2013Kepler
5275 Cet b117915.363.2070.2720.272G3 III: et al. 2012HIDES (Okayama)
53omicron UMa b417043.351.3390.2020.202G4 II-III- et al. 2012HIDES (Okayama)
54omicron CrB b750495.512.9340.3220.322K0 III- et al. 2012HIDES (Okayama)
55kappa CrB b776554.792.4230.2420.242K0 III-IV+ et al. 2012HIDES (Okayama)
56HD 208527 b1082966.42.2M1 III- et al. 2013BOES (BOAO)
57HD 220074 b1152186.42.0M2 III- et al. 2013BOES (BOAO)
58BD +15 2940 b784079.056.525K00. et al. 2013HET
59HD 233604 b10.297.979K5-0.360. et al. 2013HETK5 questionable
60tau Gem b346934.411.6810.2540.254K2 III0. et al. 2013Hamilton (Lick)
6191 Aqr b1148554.241.5970.2360.236K0 III- et al. 2013Hamilton (Lick)
62HD 112410 b632426.860.010.014.4060.0160.016G8 III-0.310.090.091.540.050.059.18124.62455376.20.23118.20.565287.5Jones et al. 2013FEROS
63HD 2952 b26115.933.629K0 III0. et al. 2013HIDES (Okayama)
64HD 120084 b669035.913.572G7 III+ et al. 2013HIDES (Okayama)
65omega Ser b775785.214.107G8 III- et al. 2013HIDES (Okayama)
66Kepler-91 b12.88410.1360.0210.021K3 III0. et al. 2014Keplerlum. class might be III-IV (R = 6.30 R_Sun)
67Sand 364 b9.86.7K3 III- et al. 2014HARPS; Coralie; Sophie; HETmember of M67
68HIP 105854 b1058545.642.9940.2320.232K2 III0.310. Jones et al. 2014FEROS; CHIRON
69eta Cet b53643.460.9220.2500.250K1 III0. et al. 2014Lickdynamically stable 2 planet system; possibly in 2:1 MMR
70eta Cet c53643.460.9220.2500.250K1 III0. et al. 2014Lickdynamically stable 2 planet system; possibly in 2:1 MMR
71HD 14067 b106576.414.0970.0360.036G9 III- et al. 2014Xinglong; OAO
72Kepler-432 b12.4640.0580.05810.1210.0170.017K2 III- et al. 2015; Ciceri et al. 2015; Quinn et al. 2015Kepler; RVsecond planet present
73HIP 67851 b678516.173.7510.2360.236K0 III0. et al. 2015a; Jones et al. 2015bFEROS; CHIRONupdated orbital parameters after announcement of second planet
74HIP 67851 c678516.173.7510.2360.236K0 III0. et al. 2015bFEROS; CHIRON
75TYC 1422-614-1 b10.217.7280.0310.031K0 III- et al. 2015aHRS; HARPS-Ntwo planet system
76TYC 1422-614-1 c10.217.7280.0310.031K0 III- et al. 2015aHRS; HARPS-Ntwo planet system
77HD 145934 b8.56.1450.0150.015K0 III1.7480.1050.1052.282.262.26273010010024514303703700.0530.0530.05321562624.600.140.1422.92.62.6Feng et al. 2015 HIRES (Keck)
78HIP 65891 b658916.754.4530.0230.023K0 III0. et al. 2015bFEROS; CHIRON
79HIP 107773 b1077735.623.2920.2500.250K1 III0. et al. 2015bFEROS; CHIRON
80BD +49 828 b9.380.020.026.5710.0210.021K0 III- et al. 2015bHET
81HD 95127 b537338. III- et al. 2015bHET
82HD 216536 b9. III- et al. 2015bHET
83HD 155233 b840566.8134.4930.0360.036K1 III+ et al. 2016aUCLESlinear trend 15.4+/-6.5 m/s/yr
84HD 11755 b92426.873.7600.2800.280G5 III-0.740. et al. 2015BOES (BOAO)
85HD 12648 b108006.984.7430.0310.031G5 III-0.570. et al. 2015BOES (BOAO)
86HD 24064 b184516.753.1300.3940.394K0 III-0.490. et al. 2015BOES (BOAO)
878 UMi b731366.834.5150.0200.020K0 III- et al. 2015BOES (BOAO)
88HD 33844 b242757.294.9450.0180.018K0 III0. et al. 2016bAAT; Keck; FEROS2 planet system in 5:3 MMR
89HD 33844 c242757.294.9450.0180.018K0 III0. et al. 2016bAAT; Keck; FEROS2 planet system in 5:3 MMR
90HD 11343 b85417.885.2900.0290.029K2 III/IV- et al. 2016CHIRON; FEROS; UCLES
91HD 135760 b748907.054.6390.0160.016K1 III+ et al. 2016FEROS; UCLES
92HD 155233 b840566.814.4930.0360.036K1 III+ et al. 2016CHIRON; FEROS
93HD 181342 b951247.555.2510.0200.020K0 III+ et al. 2016CHIRON; FEROS; UCLES
94HD 5583 b7.65.2210.0200.020K0 III-0.500. et al. 2016aHET; HARPS-N (Tapas)
95BD +15 2375 b10.317.7180.0170.017- et al. 2016aHET; HARPS-N (Tapas)
96TYC 3667-1280 b9.867.1000.0170.017- et al. 2016bHET; HARPS-N (Tapas)
97HD 47366 b316746.114.0550.2900.290K1 III- et al. 2016HIDES (Okayama); Xinglong; AATmultiple system; possibly retrograde
98HD 47366 c316746.114.0550.2900.290K1 III- et al. 2016HIDES (Okayama); Xinglong; AATmultiple system; possibly retrograde
99K2-97 b12.6110.0310.03110.0350.0210.021K III+0.380. et al. 2016K2, Keck, APFinflated hot Jupiter
100nu Oct b1070893.7430.0150.0151.4580.3060.306K1 III/IV+ et al. 2009; Ramm et al. 2016HERCULES, Mt. John Observatoryplanet in 2.6 AU spectroscopic binary; dynamical fit
101HD 59686 Ab366165.452.9220.3000.300K2 III0. et al. 2016Hamilton (Lick)planet in 13.6 AU spectroscopic binary; dynamical fit
102HD 102329 b574678.045.4020.0180.018K0 III0. et al. 2011Keckb and c solutions are not consistent, and also the stellar parameters differ
103HD 102329 c574678.045.4020.0180.018K0 III0. et al. 2016Keck
104HD 175370 b926687. III-0.520.á et al. 2017Tautenburg and HERMES/MercatorKepler; masses are for the RGB phase; 22 AU spectroscopic binary
105HD 86950 b491297.460.010.015.0380.0180.018K1 III0. et al. 2017AAT; FEROS; CHIRON
106HD 222076 b1166307.475.1270.0270.027K0 III0. et al. 2017AAT; FEROS; CHIRON
107HD 120457 b675376.440.0050.0054.1960.0360.036K1 III0. et al. 2017FEROS; CHIRONupper mass limit 0.22 M_Sun from astrometry
108HD 208897 b1085136.5100.0090.0094.1980.0360.036K00. et al. 2017TUG; OAO
109TYC 4282 0605 b10.580.010.016.7780.0210.021-ález-Álvarez et al. 2017HARPS-N; GianoNIR RV amplitude identical to the optical one
110HD 76920 b438037.820.010.015.2530.0260.026K1 III- et al. 2017, Bergmann et al. 2021AAT; FEROS; CHIRON, Herculesmost eccentric planet around a giant star
111K2-132 b11.8970.0300.0309.5400.0230.023- et al. 2017; Jones et al. 2018K2; Keck; HARPS; FEROSinflated hot Jupiter; update by Jones et al. 2018
112HD 40956 b289516.5840.0010.0014.1430.3240.324K00. et al. 2018BOES (BOAO) + HIDES (OAO)
113HD 111591 b626536.5940.0010.0012.9800.2520.252K0 III0. et al. 2018BOES (BOAO) + HIDES (OAO)
114HD 113996 b640224.690.020.021.4930.1780.178K5 III0. et al. 2018BOES (BOAO) + HIDES (OAO)
115HD 238914 b913888.790.010.016.3250.0340.034K III-ów et al. 2018HET; HARPS-NLi-rich; sp.typ. and mass uncertain
116TYC 3318-01333-1 b9.900.030.036.8690.0210.021-ów et al. 2018HET; HARPS-NLi-rich; linear trend indicating a stellar binary
117BD +48 740 b126848.700.010.015.6450.0170.017K3 III-ów et al. 2012; 2018HET; HARPS-NLi-rich
11824 Boo b707915.583.1590.2800.280G3 IV-0.770.030.030.990.130.190.910.100.1330.35060.00770.00782450008.67.910.10.0420.0290.0482101301000.1900.0090.01259.93.23.3Takarada et al. 2018HIDES (Okayama)radius and log(g) indicate a giant rather than a subgiant
119gamma Lib b763333.911.5060.010.01K0 III-0.300.030.031.470. et al. 2018HIDES (Okayama)Keplerian solution; 7:3 MMR
120gamma Lib c763333.911.5060.010.01K0 III-0.300.030.031.470.200.204.580.430.45964.63.13.12450725.110870.0570.0320.034146.- et al. 2018HIDES (Okayama)Keplerian solution; 7:3 MMR
1217 CMa b315923.911.60K1 III0. et al. 2019Lick, UCLES, HARPS, SONG4:3 resonance
1227 CMa c315923.911.60K1 III0. et al. 2019Lick, UCLES, HARPS, SONG4:3 resonance
123HD 125390 b698888.590.010.015.8750.0180.018G7 III1.3622.21.21.21756.23.93.92455914. et al. 2019Keckmass in text and table of paper differ; yet another mass in Brewer et al. (2016) which is reference
124HD 202696 b1050568. III-IV0. et al. 2019Keckpossibly in 11:6 mean motion resonance
125HD 202696 c1050568. III-IV0. et al. 2019Keckpossibly in 11:6 mean motion resonance
126HD 25723 b190115.6110.0100.0103.0440.2720.272K1 III- Pinto et al. 2020Hamilton (Lick)possible second planet
12717 Sco b795405.2390.0090.0092.0940.2440.244K3 III- Pinto et al. 2020Hamilton (Lick)
128HD 4760 b38697.490.010.013.9930.0270.027K2-0.910. et al. 2021HET, HARPS-N
129HD 96992 b545958.560.010.016.0150.0200.020K0-0.450.080.080.960. et al. 2021HET, HARPS-N
130HD 360 b6715.9800.010.013.6530.010.01G8 III-0.081.690.150.530.750.120.15273.11.60.82455184.544.992.80.1390.1080.104133119630.980.110.0316.81.82.6Teng et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
131HD 10975 b84235.9290.0090.0093.8750.3080.308K0 III-0.171.410.340.350.450.060.15283.812.70.12455450.729.1-182.90.4420.0400.389135. et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
132HD 79181 b451589.6870.0090.0093.5400.2420.242G8 III- et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
133HD 99283 b557975.7000.0090.0093.5680.3220.322K0 III-0.171.760.310.300.970.060.25310.45.21.72455291.1256.1-25.60.2000.1020.146291. et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
134upsilon Leo b566474.302.01G9 III-0.191.480.900.380.510.060.26385.22.81.32455279.627.934.20.3200.1340.218131. et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
135HD 161178 b862195.8690.0090.0093.6570.2360.236G9 III- et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
136HD 219139 b1146415.8520.0100.0103.3920.2300.230G5 III-0.191.460.31-0.290.780.050.20275.52.31.02455240.1198.912.20.1100.0870.081318. et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
137gamma Psc b1149713.701.4410.010.01G7 III-0.620.990.170.131.340.020.31555.16.02.52455394.660.663.50.2040.1140.14144. et al. 2022HIDES (Okayama)
138HD 22532 b167327.840.010.015.6710.0170.017G8 III/IV- et al. 2022Coralie (La Silla)
139HD 64121 b381817.430.010.015.2440.0210.021G8/K0 III- et al. 2022Coralie (La Silla)
140HD 69123 b403445.7650.0090.0093.5860.2420.242K1 III0. et al. 2022Coralie (La Silla)
141HD 29399 b212535.7800.0090.0093.780.240.24K1 III0. et al. 2022Coralie (La Silla)
142KIC 3526061 b10.370.040.047.7760.0290.0290. et al. 2022TS2 (McDonald), HERMES (La Palma)