Extragalactic astrophysics at the LSW


Multifrequency Studies of Blazar Variability

(Stefan Wagner, Jochen Heidt, Holger Bock, Philip Skelton)

BL Lac Monitoring

Finding charts and comparison sequences for some of the sources are available.

Gamma-ray emitting AGN

Emission Lines of AGN

(Stefan Wagner, Immo Appenzeller, Marion Pfeiffer)

Most AGN show strong emission lines in UV-optical-NIR spectra.
These lines originate in different regions. The "Broad Line Region" is very compact, and cannot be spatially resolved with direct imaging. Information on spatial structure is obtained indirectly via reverberation studies.
The "Narrow-Line Region" is larger in extent, and can be resolved in nearby Seyfert galaxies.
In many objects, including radio galaxies, without nuclear emission lines, extended emission can be observed in the direction of radio-jets.

Research at the Landessternwarte deals with the structure of the Broad-Line Region via reverberation and Fourier Analysis of line profiles, multi-frequency studies of the transition regime between BLR and NLR by means of forbidden high ionization (coronal) lines, and with spatially resolved kinematics of the Narrow-Line Region.

Coronal Lines in Seyfert Galaxies

Velocity Fields in AGN (BLR and NLR)

Hot Spots in Radio Galaxies

(Stefan Wagner)

Multi-frequency studies of NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)

High-redshifted Quasars

(Stefan Wagner, Immo Appenzeller)

High-redshifted Quasars

Structure of Spiral Galaxies

(Claus Möllenhoff, Jochen Heidt)

Morphological Evolution of Galaxies in Clusters

(Claus Möllenhoff, Jochen Heidt)

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