CCD detector and Continuous Flow Cryostat

The detector foreseen is a monolithic, thinned and back-illuminated 2048x4096 15 micron pixel CCD manufactured by EEV and integrated by the Astronomical Instrument Centre at the AOC. The first scientific grade versions of this device will be available in November 1997. Up to that time a 2048x4096 13.5 micron pixel engineering grade version will be used for integration into the dewar and adaptation of the electronics. Click here to get some performance details on this type of chips measured at the Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO).
The two images show a 13.5 micron chip (EEV 5244/37/8-42-80) in its dewar at RGO; on the right the measured quantum-efficiency curve.

[CCD in the Dewar] [CCD QE]

The CCD characteristics for the ESO EEV chips is given in the following table:

Op. temperature -110 to -120 C
RON 3 electrons for 50 kpix/sec/port
Dark Current 4 electrons/h/pixel
CTE (par/ser) 0.99999/0.99999
Linearity <1% deviation up to full well
Full well capacity 150.000 electrons
Read-out time 60 sec through 2 channels

The quantum efficiency for the ESO EEV chips is given here (throughout this homepage, the figures for he guaranteed minimum are assumed) The science grade chip has been delivered at mid-June 1998. Therefore, we also give now the QE measured by EEV. For the most recent measurements at the AOC of the QE at operating temperature see the last column. For further characterization measurements for the final FEROS Science CCD follow this link to Anton Norup Soerensen's FEROS page

wavelength[nm]Guaranteed QE[%]Goal QE[%] Measured QE[%](EEV)Measured QE @ -100C [%](AOC)
3202250 50
3755872 72
4508585 98
6008585 90
650 8780
7007880 75
8005070 50
1000 515 10

The FEROS continuous flow dewar by ESO is shown in the next picture.

[ESO Cryostat]




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