FEROS First (laboratory) Light on July 1st, 1998

On July 1st, 1998, around 21.00 UT, FEROS saw its first laboratory light !!! The first two flatfield and Argon-lamp images in the 700 nm spectral region were registered on a 2.6 x 2.6 mm test CCD and are shown below:

HeAr HeAr-zoom

The zoomed frame (lower right) shows the image of a single Argon spectral line through the object and sky fiber. The respective two half images due to the image slicer are clearly seen. The FWHM in dispersion (= y-)direction is measured to 33 micron, i.e., 2.2 pixels on the final 15 mu pixel science CCD.
Therefore, the full spectral resolving power of R = 48000 was obtained with the first test images !




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