FDF 1998
FDF 1998

FORS Deep Field

FDF 2001
FDF 2001
Data Texts Plots
new table of spectroscopic redshifts

new documentation of this table

U_new image *

B_new image *

I image *

extracted I image *

old and new object numbers

magnitudes measured with FORS

phot. z and fluxes of the theor. SED

I selected catalogue

new J. Heidt: FDF workshop No. 8

J. Heidt: FDF workshop No. 6

J. Heidt: FDF review zur AG Tagung Bremen 2000

M. Kümmel: Proceedings-Beitrag zum ESO/ECF/STScI Workshop on Deep Fields 2000

fdf object 1260

fdf object 2410

fdf object 3378

fdf object 3421

redshift histogram

plot of z_phot with z_spec

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