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About me

I am currently an SFB 881 postdoc at ZAH-LSW (Zentrum für Astronomie -  Landessternwarte Königstuhl) at Heidelberg University. Here I work on the developpement of the high resolution halo survey (PI: Norbert Christlieb) that is part of the 4MOST spectroscopic survey project (suppose to start in 2021, PI: Roelof de Jong).

I completed my PhD in 2015 at Lund Observatory, Sweden, under the supervision of Thomas Bensby and Sofia Feltzing. My work focused on abundance analysis of dwarf stars in the Solar Neighborhood, with particular interest on odd-Z iron-peak elements and r- and s- process elements. The sample is made by hundreds of stars observed in high-resolution mode and with high signal-to-noise. The abundance analysis was based on spectral synthesis using one-dimensional, plane parallel, local thermodynamical equilibrium model stellar atmospheres calculated with the MARCS 2012 code.
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