Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium

Speaker Guy Perrin
Title Understanding the fate of stars: imaging the surface of red giants and supergiants

Late-type stars are responsible for a very large fraction of the production of simple to complex molecules in the universe. The mechanism of mass loss is still an active field of stellar physics. The starting and end points are well known but the intermediate steps are somewhat more uncertain. Spectroscopy has helped a lot to reach conclusions. High angular resolution techniques, optical-infrared interferometry in particular, brought a lot and are bringing more and more to the field. I will review some of the very interesting recent results. In particular I will show how imaging may tell us a lot in the coming years about these processes as the very recent results show. I will present some results just about to be published or not yet published. From red giants to red supergiants, stellar surfaces and close circumstellar environments maybe the key to understand what are the missing links in nowadays scenario.