Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium

Speaker Ute Liesenfeld
Title The infrared-radio correlation in galaxies

The tight correlation between the infrared and radio emission of galaxies has been an intriguing research topic for over 20 years. The surprising aspects of this correlation are that it holds so well for two not-very-closely related emissions (infrared emission from dust and radio emission from relativistic electrons), and that it holds in very different types of galaxies, from normal quiescent to starburst galaxies, and in local galaxies and high-z galaxies. Although it is broadly accepted that the correlation is ultimately due to massive star formation, there is still a lot of controversy as to what the reasons for its tightness and universality are. In my talk I will explain the main physical processes responsible for both emissions and give an overview over the observational and theoretical research carried in order to show what we have learned from and about the infrared-radio correlation.