October 2016

ATel #9689 on NGC 1275

Detection of an increased activity from NGC 1275 at very-high-energy gamma rays measured with MAGIC. The preliminary analysis indicates 16% of the flux from the Crab nebula (C.U.) above 100 GeV. This implies an increase by a factor of about 5 with respect to the previously measured VHE flux from this object above the same energy threshold. VERTIAS also reported an enhanced emission, see ATel #9690.

October 2016


TV appearance on N24. Documentary about black holes moderated by Prof. Ulrich Walter.

July 2016


Participation in the conferenz "6th International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (Gamma2016)" in Heidelberg, Germany. I gave a talk about our recent findings about IC 310.

May/June 2016

Blazars through Sharp Multi-Wavelength Eyes

Participation in the conferenz "Blazars through Sharp Multi-Wavelength Eyes" at Malaga in Spain. I presented a poster about our recent findings about IC 310.

March 2016

Magellan Workshop

Participation in the "Magellan Workshop: Connecting Neutrino Physics and Astronomy" at DESY in Hamburg. I gave a general talk about recent results from the MAGIC Collaboration.