Curriculum Vitae

Professional experience

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Heidelberg, Landessternwarte Königstuhl

Postdoctoral researcher and FOKUS coordinator, Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg, Chair of Astronomy, Coordinator of the physics graduate program FOKUS (Elitenetzwerk Bayern)


PhD, Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg, Chair of Astronomy. Degree “Dr. rer. nat." (grade: summa cum laude)
Title of dissertation: “Contemporaneous Multi-Wavelength Observations of the Gamma-Ray Emitting Active Galaxy IC310 - New Clues on Particle Acceleration in Extragalactic Jets”
Key topics: High-energy astroparticle physics, Cherenkov astronomy, active galactic nuclei, multiwavelength astronomy, high-resolution radio astronomy
University studies, Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg. Degree “Physics Diploma” (Dipl. Phys., grade: “sehr gut”)
Title of Diploma thesis: “Teilchenbeschleunigung in der Radiogalaxie IC 310”
Key topics: High-energy astroparticle physics, Cherenkov astronomy, active galactic nuclei, radio astronomy
University studies, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (Scotland). Degree “Master of Physics” (M. Phys. with honours of the first grade)
Title of Master thesis: “Assessment and correction of chromatic and other aberrations in adaptiveoptics wavefront sensing”
Key topics: Wavefront sensing, adaptive optics, atmospheric physics


Promotionspreis der Unterfränkischen Gedenkjahrstiftung und der Universität Würzburg for an outstanding PhD thesis prize of University of Würzburg, for an outstanding PhD thesis
Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen Wissenschaftspreis prize of the Institute for Physics, University of Würzburg, for an outstanding PhD thesis
Florian Goebel Prize of the MAGIC Collaboration for outstanding scientific contribution
Grant from the German Academic Exchange Servicec (DAAD) for participation at the 33rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
09/2009 - 06/2010
One-year DAAD fellowship for studying in Edinburgh, Scotland

Language skills

Mother tongue
Basic knowledge

Computer skills

Operating systems

- UNIX/Linux
- Windows XP/7

Programming languages

- C/C++
- ROOT (analysis and statistic software package from CERN)
- bash


- LaTeX
- Microsoft Office
- Open Office
- Inkscape

Working and teaching experience

Scientific work

- Analysis of MAGIC data, non-standard analysis
- Data quality checks
- Proposals for radio (single telescopes, VLBI), X-ray, and gamma-ray instruments
- Coordination of multiwavelength campaigns
- Interpretation of data
- Leading author of publications
- Theoretical modeling of broad-band emission
- Analysis of radio VLBI data

Observational shifts

- Daily data quality check shift for MAGIC (November-December 2016)
- Daily data quality check shift for MAGIC (November-December 2015)
- Deputy shift leader of the MAGIC Telescopes (July-August 2014)
- Remote observation shift with the ANTARES neutrino telescope (April 2014)
- Remote observation shift with the FACT telescopes (February/May 2013)
- Participation in the upgrade and commissioning of the MAGIC telescopes (September 2011/September 2012)

Coordination of the physics graduate program FOKUS

- Coordination between the Elitenetzwerk Bayern and the faculty of physics
- Contact person for students
- Organisation of regular meetings for students and lecturer

Teaching assistance for university courses and seminars

- 3x Atmospheric and Space Physics
- 4x Introduction to Astrophysics
- 2x Physical Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics
- 1x Introduction to Space Physics

Lecturer on substitution basis

- Introduction to Astrophysics
- Introduction to Space Physics

Setup of two lab courses "Gamma-ray astronomy"

- Investigation of spectral variability of a blazar with the FACT telescope, for undergraduate students
- Analysis of Mrk 421 data from the FACT telescope, for graduate students


- PhD students
- Diploma students
- Bachelor students
- Lab courses of the astronomy chair


- Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
- H.E.S.S. Collaboration
- MAGIC Collaboration
- Nürnberger Astronomische Arbeitsgemeinschaft
- Simon Marius Gesellschaft
- Astrofreunde Mühlhausen