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Bachelor and Master thesis, physics practicals

Master thesis - Masterarbeiten

Cluster environment of high-redshift active galactic nuclei: In the local Universe, the most luminous and massive active galactic nuclei are found in the centers of the most massive galaxy clusters. Thus investigating the cluster environment allows one to study the structure formation of massive entities at early epochs. In this master thesis very deep high-resolution adaptive optics supported near-infrared imaging data of 2 high-redshift active galactic nuclei shall be reduced and analyzed. The data are taken with the Large Binocular Telescope. The analysis includes the determination of the spatial covariance function, the derivation of photometric redshifts to prove the physical association to the active galaxy and the interpretation in terms of the galaxy evolution in dense environments.

Bachelor thesis - Bachelorarbeiten

Emission mechanisms in gamma-ray emitting Blazars: In the last years, a number of Blazars have been detected at very high TeV energies. These form a special class of active galactic nuclei whose relativistic jet is oriented almost exactly along the line of sight to the observer. The detection of these sources is very important as they can be used to set constraints on the intensity and spectrum of the diffuse Extragalactic Background Light shedding light on its main origin. In spite of the importance of high-energy emitting Blazars for cosmological applications, the mechanism(s) giving rise to the high-energy emissions are not yet fully understood. A wide variety of competing models (hadronic versus leptonic) are discussed. To constrain some of them, high signal-to-noise optical spectra of a handful of TeV emitting Blazars have been secured using the Large Binocular Telescope. In this Bachelor thesis, the spectra of these sources shall be reduced and analyzed. Of particular importance is the determination of emission line fluxes from the broad line region in these sources, which are direct ingredients of some of the emission models discussed. Note: This project can be combined with a physics practical.
The Seyfert II galaxy NGC 2273: NGC 2273 hosts an Syfert II nucleus and is one of the proto-types of its class. Due to its proximity to us, the very center of this active galaxy can be studied on pc-scales using near-infrared adaptive-optics supported high-resolution data from the Large Binocular Telescope. In this bachelor thesis the available data shall be reduced and analyzed with special emphasis on the inner structure of the galaxy via dedicated modeling to derive eg inner spiral arms and bars and to interpret the results in terms of the fueling mechanism for the active core.

Physics practicals - Projektpraktika

Physics practicals are offered as a means to introduce to the concept of the data reduction of high-resolution near-infrared data. Data sets are available of:

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