Automated Telescope for Optical Monitoring
Image of ATOM
ATOM observations continuing

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ATOM image collection

This page provides a collection of selected images concerning ATOM.

Astronomical images

Images presented here are direct FITS-to-JPG/PNG conversions of standard reduced images produced by ADRAS. Thus, their image scale is 0.45 arcsec per pixel.

Centaurus A Three-colour composite of Centaurus A. Blue channel is 300 seconds in V-band, green is 100 seconds in R-band and red channel is 100 seconds in I-band.
M8 Three-colour composite of M8. To increase the dynamics range of the images, each colour channel consists of three stacked exposures: 20 seconds in I-band (red), 20 seconds in R-band (green) and 40 seconds in V-band (blue).
PKS 2155-204 60 seconds R-band exposure of PKS 2155-304. This is one of the main targets of ATOM and is observed approximately every three nights during its visibility period.

Technical images

Temporary relocation to Hamburg Observatory, upgrade and shipment to Namibia

Heidelberg Hamburg Shipping

Assembly at Göllschau, Namibia

New site Assembly Dusk

Close-ups of selected technical equipment

Electronics Filter wheel Encoder
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