Publications related to the FEROS project

* [NEW] Commissioning FEROS, the new high-resolution spectrograph at La Silla
 Color full-text version (gzipped Postscript-Format 1 Mb)
 Published in The ESO Messenger 95 (1999)

* [NEW] FEROS, the new fiber-linked echelle spectrograph for the ESO 1.52-m telescope
 Full-text version (gzipped Postscript-Format 711kb)
 Contribution to the SPIE proceedings Vol.3355 of the
 Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation symposium,
 to be held in Kona, Hawaii USA, 20-28 March, 1998
 In Conf. 3355: Optical Astronomical Instrumentation

* [NEW] A two-beam two-slice image slicer for fiber-linked spectrographs
 Full-text version (gzipped Postscript-Format 54kb)
 Contribution to the proceedings of the Fiber Optics in Astronomy III meeting
 held in Tenerife, Spain, 2-4 December, 1997
 Published in the ASP Conference Series Vol. 152, p. 337

* FEROS, the Fiber-Fed Extended Range Optical Spectrograph for the ESO 1.52-m telescope
 Color full-text version (gzipped Postscript-Format 276kb)
 Published in The ESO Messenger 89, 1 (1997)




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