Immo Appenzeller


    Landessternwarte Heidelberg
    Königstuhl 12
    69117 Heidelberg

    Phone: +49-6221-54-1709
    Fax       +49-6221-54-1702

Current Main Research Interests

Young stellar objects

Very distant (young) galaxies

Active galaxies and QSOs

Massive luminous stars

Cosmic X-ray sources

Astronomical instrumentation


Personal Data

Some personal information can be found in a brief English CV . If you prefer a German CV please click Lebenslauf . A more detailed account of my scientific career (in German) can be found in this book .


The following links provide access to lists of my scientific papers. Depending on what you are interested in, please click either on papers in refereed scientific journals or on invited reviews and lectures .
An (incomplete) list of other publications can be found under "other papers" .

For a list of books, which I wrote, edited, or co-edited, click on books .

Many of the more recent publications in refereed journals can be accessed via ADS . Papers that are still in press are available on the astro-ph preprint server .