University of Heidelberg

11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos
Heidelberg, 19-23 July 2010

Final program, as of 07 July 2010

For invited review talks, we have allocated 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, 15+5 minutes for invited talks, and 12+3 minutes for contributed talks. If you applied for a talk and it is not listed in the program, it has been accepted as a poster (list of posters). A .pdf file of the program can be downloaded here, and most of the talks are available online here.

Sunday, 18 July
15:00-20:00Registration (Foyer, Stadthalle)
18:00-22:00Welcome reception (Foyer, Stadthalle)

Monday, 19 July
09:00-09:15Welcome address
Session 1: The Big Bang
09:15-09:45G. Steigman: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (invited review)
09:45-10:00R. Cyburt: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis constraints on Supersymmetry
10:00-10:15M. Erhard: Study of the BBN reaction Dalpha,gamma)Li deep underground with LUNA
10:15-10:45Coffee break (sponsored by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)
Session 2: The first stars
10:45-11:15V. Bromm: Formation of the first stars (invited review)
11:15-11:45A. Frebel: Observations of the most metal-poor stars and what they tell us about the early Universe (invited review)
11:45-12:00W. Aoki: A systematic study of extremely metal-poor stars with SDSS/Subaru
12:00-12:15A. Korn: David vs. Goliath: pitfalls and prospects in abundance analyses of dwarf vs. giant stars
12:15-14:00Lunch break
Session 3: Chemical evolution and stars
14:00-14:30A. McWilliam: Galactic chemical evolution—the observational side (invited review)
14:30-15:00N. Prantzos: Topics in Galactic chemical evolution (invited review)
15:00-15:30N. Langer: Evolution of massive stars (invited review)
15:30:16:00F. Herwig: Evolution of low- and intermediate mass stars (invited review)
16:00-16:20C. Meakin: 3D stellar models (invited talk)
16:20-16:35W. Maciel: Nucleosynthesis and chemical evolution of intermediate-mass stars: results from planetary nebulae
16:35-17:00Coffee break (sponsored by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)
Session 4: Stars
17:00-17:30H. Costantini: Reaction rate measurements in underground laboratories (invited review)
17:30-17:45A. DiLeva: The 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross-section at astrophysically relevant energies
17:45-18:00O. Kirsebom: The 8B neutrino spectrum
18:00-18:15T. Neff: Microscopic nuclear structure and reaction calculations in the FMD approach
18:15-18:30K. Fujita: Direct measurement of the 4He(12C,16O)gamma cross-section near stellar energy
18:30-18:45L. Gialanella: Carbon fusion reactions in stars
18:45-19:00A. Jensen: The density and temperature dependence of the production rates of 6He, 9Be, and 12C

Tuesday, 20 July
Session 5: Grains and gamma-ray observations
09:00-09:30P. Hoppe: Measurements of pre-solar grains (invited review)
09:30-09:45L. Nittler: Extreme Cr-rich oxide grains in meteorites: evidence for a single late supernova injection into the Solar system
09:45-10:00M. Savina: Chromium isotopic compositions in pre-solar SiC grains
10:00-10:15R. Diehl: INTEGRAL observations of gamma-ray lines from radioactive decays
10:15-10:45Coffee break (sponsored by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)
Session 6: Core-collapse supernovae
10:45-11:15A. Chieffi: The final stages of stellar evolution (invited review)
11:15-11:45M. Liebendörfer: Core collapse supernovae (invited review)
11:45-12:00B. Messer: Core-collapse supernova simulations with CHIMERA
12:00-12:15A. Dzhioev: Gamow-Teller strength distributions at finite temperature and electron capture in stellar environments
12:15-12:30C. Ellinger: Delivery of supernova material to the interstellar medium through ejecta knots
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Session 7: Hypernovae and mergers
14:00-14:30K. Nomoto: Hypernovae and gamma-ray bursts (invited review)
14:30-14:45G. McLaughlin: Nucleosynthesis from black hole accretion disks
14:45-15:15S. Rosswog: Black hole and neutron star mergers (invited review)
15:15-15:30B. Metzger: Radioactively powered electromagnetic counterparts of neutron stars
15:30-15:45Y. Ishimaru: Enrichment of the r-process elements in the sub-halos as building blocks of the Milky Way halo
15:45-16:15Coffee break (sponsored by Vacuumtechnik Müller GmbH)
Session 8: Compact objects
16:15-16:45J. Lattimer: The nuclear equation of state (invited review)
16:45-17:05I. Stairs: Pulsar mass measurements (invited talk)
17:05-17:25R. Neuhäuser: Constraints on neutron-star theories from nearby neutron star observations (invited talk)
17:25-17:40K. Vantournhout: Nuclear pasta with a touch of quantum: towards the dynamics of bulk fermion systems
17:40-17:55S. Typel: Clusters in dense matter and the equation of state
17:55-18:10M. Famiano: Experimental applications of the nuclear equation-of-state to neutron star dynamics
18:10-18:25N. Yasutake: The quark-hadron mixed phase with hyperons in proto-neutron stars
18:30-22:00Poster viewing dinner (sponsored by Stefan Stahl Elektronik-Entwicklung)

Wednesday, 21 July
Session 9: The s-process I.
09:00-09:30A. Karakas: The s-process (invited review)
09:30-10:00A. Couture: The experimental side of the s-process (invited review)
10:00-10:15S. Cristallo: Nucleosynthesis in very-low metallicity AGB stars: traces from proton ingestion episodes
10:15-10:30M. Taggart: The first direct measurement of 17O(alpha,gamma)21Ne and its impact upon s-process abundances
10:30-11:00Coffee break (sponsored by PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik)
Session 10: The s-process II.
11:00-11:15S. Austin: The sensitivity of 16Al, 44Ti, and 60Fe production in core-collapse supernovae to uncertainties in the 3-alpha and 12C(alpha,gamma)16O reaction rates
11:15-11:30S. Rugel: The half-life of 60Fe
11:30-11:45C. Lederer: A new measurement of the astrophysically important reaction 62Ni(n,gamma) at n_TOF
11:45-12:00I. Dillmann: First measurement of the 64Ni(gamma,n) cross-section
12:00-12:15Conference photo in front of the Stadthalle
12:15-14:00Lunch break
19:00-23:00Conference dinner at Restaurant Molkenkur

Thursday, 22 July
Session 11: Novae
09:00-09:30J. Jose: Novae—theory and observations (invited review)
09:30-09:45A. Sallaska: Destruction of 22Na in novae: surprising results from an absolute measurement of 22Na(p,gamma) resonance strengths
09:45-10:00A. Parikh: The 33S(p,gamma)34Cl reaction in classical nova explosions
10:00-10:15M. Matos: Unbound states of 32Cl relevant for novae
10:15-10:45Coffee break (sponsored by Varian Magnetic Technology Center)
Session 12: X-ray bursts
10:45-11:15H. Schatz: The rp-process in X-ray bursts (invited review)
11:15-11:30C. Wrede: Precision measurements of 20Na, 24Al, 28P, 32Cl, and 36K for the rp-process
11:30-11:45C. Deibel: Studying the (alpha,p)-process in X-ray bursts using radioactive ion beams
11:45-12:05A. Jokinen: Mass measurements on the rp-process path (invited talk)
12:05-12:20E. Haettner: Mass measurements of proton-rich nuclides in the region of A=85 and their impact on the rp-process
12:20-14:00Lunch break
Session 13: Explosive nucleosynthesis: vp-process, v-process, and p-process
14:00-14:30T. Rauscher: Explosive nucleosynthesis and the p-process (invited review)
14:30-14:45F. Montes: Production of light element primary process nuclei in supernova neutrino-driven winds
14:45-15:00S. Hayakawa: Direct determination of the 11C(alpha,p)14N reaction rate with CRIB: an alternative synthesis path to the CNO elements
15:00-15:15K. Nakamura: The neutrino-process and light element production
15:15-15:30D. Lubowich: Observational tests of neutrino nucleosynthesis in supernovae: Li and B in the supernova remnant IC443
15:30-15:45C. Travaglio: p-process nucleosynthesis coupled to multi-dimensional SNIa models
15:45-16:15Coffee break (sponsored by Varian Magnetic Technology Center)
Session 14: Type Ia supernovae
16:15-16:45J. Isern: Type Ia Supernovae: Observations and theory (invited review)
16:45-17:05F. Röpke: Multi-dimensional models of SNIa (invited talk)
17:05:17:20M. Zingale: Multi-dimensional models of convection preceding type Ia supernovae
17:20-17:35D. Chamulak: Nucleosynthesis in surface detonation models of type Ia supernovae
18:00-22:00Poster viewing dinner

Friday, 23 July
Session 15: The p-process and exotic nuclei
09:00-09:30Z. Fülöp: Experiments on reaction rates for the p-process (invited review)
09:30-09:45N. Özkan: Proton-capture reaction cross-section measurements on 162Er for the astrophysical gamma-process
09:45-10:15J. Dobaczewski: Extended energy density functionals and ground-state correlations in nuclei (invited review)
10:15-10:45Y. Litvinov: Mass and lifetime measurements of stored exotic nuclei (invited review)
10:45-11:15Coffee break (sponsored by RoentDek Handels GmbH)
Session 16: The r-process I.
11:15-11:45C. Sneden: r-process enhanced metal-poor stars (invited review)
11:45-12:00M. Kowalska: High-precision mass measurements at ISOLTRAP for nucleosynthesis studies
12:00-12:15J. Cowan: New n-capture element abundance determinations in an r-process enriched star
12:15-12:30B. Barbuy: HST-STIS abundances in the uranium-rich metal-poor star CS31082-001
12:30-12:45S. Honda: Enrichment of heavy elements in the Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy
12:45-14:00Lunch break
Session 17: The r-process II.
14:00-14:30S. Wanajo: The r-process—the theoretical/astrophysical side (invited review)
14:30-14:45A. Gallagher: An inconvenient truth: the low r-process fraction in the metal-poor subgiant star HD140283
14:45-15:00K. Farouqi: Co-production of light and heavy p-, s- and r-process isotopes in the high-entropy wind of core-collapse supernovae
15:00-15:15A. Arcones: Explosive nucleosynthesis: nuclear physics impact using neutrino-driven wind simulations
15:15-15:30A. Zuker: The anatomy of the simplest Duflo-Zuker mass formula
15:30-15:45J. Benlliure: Production and beta half-lives of heavy neutron-rich nuclei approaching the r-process path at N=126
15:45-16:15Coffee break (sponsored by RoentDek Handels GmbH)
Session 18: Future facilities
16:15-16:45R. Krücken: Future radioactive beam facilities—RIBF, FAIR, FRIB (invited review)
16:45-17:15M. Wiescher: Future facilities for probing stellar reaction processes (invited review)
17:15-17:45T. Beers: Future surveys for metal-poor stars (invited review)
17:45:18:15I. Ivans: The future of high-resolution spectroscopy of metal-poor stars (invited review)
18:15-18:30Farewell address

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